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Vassilis A. Poularikas

Portfolio & Description

Family Affairs
In these photographic work which began in 2010, V.A. Pularikas is capturing the family affairs of everyday people that take place exclusively in their homes.
Each picture is a presentation of an individual or a family as an one-act play. A play that has been kept indoors discretely protected by the family.
Deep existential moments, sometimes joyful sometimes sorrowful, are reflecting the dynamic interaction of their protagonists by retracting emotions resistant to oblivion.

Flabouria /Kithnos island
The photographs in this section were taken when Poularikas was visiting, in August 2014, Flampouria, a beautiful seaside village of Kythnos as a guest of a good friend of his. That specific weekend coincided with the celebration of Panagia(Virgin Mary) Flampouriani . Locals as well visitors of the island were enjoying themselves on an overnight festival, with a Dionysian atmosphere, plenty of wine, food and non-stop dancing in the churchyard.
Poularikas imprinted with tenderness the frantic pace of the celebration in the strictly structured space of his photographic frame. The photos were published in “Kathimerini” a greek daily newspaper.

Downtown parallels
In this photographic work (in progress) Poularikas goes downtown Athens in order to observe and record with his camera the parallel paths of various segmentations of people living in this metropolitan area.

A little about the photographer

Vassilis A. Poularikas was born in 1970 in Athens. He studied photography at European School of Photography and attended art seminars with Plato Riveli as a member of the Photographic Cycle in Athens, as well as the photographic workshop of Nikos Ikonomopoulos.
His photos have been published in Greek and foreign magazines and newspapers. He has participated in group and solo exhibitions. As he says, without a second thought, photography is the ideal (but not the only) mean of connecting him with the parallel realities of human existence. Hence photography helps him to balance the contradictions of his life.